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    Our team has more than 25 years of experience and 120 MV of solar power. Make the transition with the experts!

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    All aspects of our system has been tested and redefined for more than 25 years.

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    KAYA team has handled multi- million dollar operations around the world. We have no limits .

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KAYA Energy Group installs and finances solar power systems. Our engineering team brings unmatched experience and knowledge to the renewable market with 25 years of photovoltaic design and installation experience and 120 MW of solar power sold and installed globally.

We offer strategic technical and financial guidance to individuals, governments, and companies in order to facilitate their transition to renewable energy. We handle every aspect of solar power installations, including financing, technology evaluation, engineering and design, solar panel construction, monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing support to ensure the highest possible return on investment.

With KAYA, you begin saving money from the sunpower in the first month of the system’s operation, thus giving you the flexibility to invest in opportunities far more lucrative than your monthly electricity bill.

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Our team has 25 years and 120 MW of solar power engineering, project development, and finance experience. In the Dominican Republic alone, we’ve installed over 300 solar panels installations, and our alternative energy portfolio is expanding quickly throughout the region.


Our project development and finance team in New York City has been busy financing over 20 MWs of solar energy throughout the region and adding a global perspective to KAYA’s pipeline.


During every stage of your solar project, you will only interact with highly qualified professionals who get results. Every step of the process – finance, engineering, procurement, and installation – has been designed to ensure long­term, predictable energy production from your solar panel energy system.


Our project management systems have been refined over hundreds of projects, allowing us to deliver projects more quickly and at more competitive prices. Moreover, our 25 years in the industry and longstanding relationships with top solar panel suppliers gives us economies of scale, which means cost savings for you.

Global Presence, Local Expertise

KAYA’s executive team brings a strong interdisciplinary background to the solar energy industry, allowing us to operate efficiently in multiple country contexts with diverse legal frameworks. Our engineering, financial, construction, customer service, and development teams are prepared to implement successful solar projects all over the world.