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Engineering, financing, and building the Caribbean's transition to renewable energy...

one installation at a time.

KAYA Energy Group

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Construction Worker

Our team has in aggregate over 20 years of solar engineering, project management, and finance experience.  In the Dominican Republic alone, we’ve installed over 300 solar projects, and our portfolio is expanding quickly throughout the region.


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During every stage of your solar project, you will only interact with highly qualified professionals who know how to get results. Our project management systems have been refined over hundreds of projects, allowing us to deliver installations more quickly and at more competitive prices.


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KAYA’s executive team brings a strong interdisciplinary background to the solar energy industry, allowing us to operate efficiently in multiple country contexts with diverse legal frameworks. Our team is prepared to help you implement successful projects anywhere in the world.

Extreme weather events are occurring with more frequency in the Caribbean. Your project requires specialized engineering, by an experienced team to ensure that your investment withstands the forces of nature. We are that team. Make your energy transition with the experts.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.


- Ben Franklin

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